Phony Gold Coins

If you’re gathering gold coins or buying them, there is a great chance that eventually you will certainly be presented to a suspicious specimen that you would wonder about whether it’s a real thing or a counterfeit. It’s not easy in any way to identify phony gold coins and also you might not find them at first (as well as most likely even finally either), however you must know at the very least a few points that may help you not to fall under a catch.

Gold is really soft metal, contrasting to some base metals, such as copper or bronze for example, and also biting a real gold coin would leave some teeth marks or at least leave a feeling that it’s biteable. Again, I would certainly not advise screening artificial gold coins this method for 2 factors: if it’s a phony, you could break your teeth, and also if it’s an actual thing, you could wreck it by attacking (as well as potentially break your teeth anyway).

An additional way to examine if the coin is a counterfeit is to pay attention how it jangles. Artificial gold coins sound boring as well as boring according to people that have very good ears. Once more, this examination may rather be not constantly reliable and you would certainly have to invest years hearing actual as well as phony gold coins to discover ways to tell them apart.

Nonetheless, jokes apart, the most reliable way to inspect if your coin is real, is to ask a specialist. Obtain you coin to your neighborhood coin dealership as well as more than likely they will certainly have adequate encounter and also ideal equipment to check if your treasure is authentic. There’re a number of tools developed for this objectives, yet they might be quite expensive, hence not consistently available or cost effective for general public fiddling with gold coins.

There’re a couple of things once again that you can attempt also if you have no access to or wish to connect with your neighborhood coin dealership:

Look for the coin information. If you do not have an actual coin to compare with, find a photo online and also compare very little information of the initial with the one you’re checking. Look at the area between letters, look at the size as well as number of components – it may seem foolish, but counterfeiters do miss out on such easy things for some reason as well as they also do grammar error, specifically when then do it in foreign languages, so inspect punctuation.

Find a coin forum (CoinForum as an example), end up being a member, as well as ask there – there’re plenty of actual specialists as well as they will aid you or at least will certainly give you some tips. You could normally attach a link to a website or put a picture of the coin concerned.

Examine the coin weight as well as dimension. If you do not have a coin brochure, you could generally locate these details online. Phony gold coins are typically lighter and sometimes even smaller in diameter.

Check the coin rim (edge). Artificial gold coins sometimes are made in halves and then soldered or glued together and often you can see a really slim (or otherwise extremely slim) seam on the rim of a fake coin.

Attempt your seller to create an “acid test” – gold is a noble metal so it will not respond or dissolve in nitric or sulphur acid. Hmm, this one is a bit also severe as if your coin is not 99.9 % fine gold, which is fairly usual for real gold coins, the examination will still harm the coin, so this one is for your info just.

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